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Software house with a difference

Controlled Projects have been in software development for over 15 years and we hold several key IP rights that power our work.

We are driven to bring our clients value for money and give the wider community a development platform to build their own applications. We are about being a part of our customers solution and part of the development community.


Software in Construction
One of our tools <workflows> manages over £5 billion in contracts across the construction industry. We make complex things simple and provide organisations with governance and reusable processes so their organisational maturity can improve.

Software in the supply chain, performance management
We specialise in supply chain performance and getting the best out of your suppliers, whilst allowing your suppliers to communicate with you. Full 360 evaluation and total visibility is what we deliver through our performance tool.

Software in Risk
With our specialist knowledge in project management and risk management, it wasn't long before we licensed out our <RiskFlows> software for businesses to use. We have used this for years internally and like our other tools felt it was worth opening up to the community.

UPG powering tomorrow
Our internal project over the years has been to build a platform for the future; a platform for resilient programming (& programmes) that utilizes fast turn around, self checking and *some* self coding!
A fast system designed for critical operations that could be in low bandwidth conditions, this is the UPG-Framework and we are opening this up to the development community through open source.

Tools for best practice
In creating bespoke products for our clients we have had to internally develop various tools in order to achieve some of their goals. We have used these so successfully our clients often asked us how we did it, so we decided to open these up to the community to let companies share our success.
These can be found in GitHub and a wider audience is shortly being invited to use these tools.